How Does Silver Sitters Help?

To assist families with senior placement, Silver Sitters of Martin County partners with the top independent, assisted living, and memory care facilities in the region.

Silver Sitters understands that for some seniors, remaining at home is not the best option. Silver Sitters is committed to referring our clients to communities in Martin County, Florida that provide high-quality services.

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    Our Senior Care Advisors visit your house to determine your needs.
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    We can help you choose the best Senior Living Facility in your area.
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    At the senior living facility, we ensure that your seniors' needs and wants are met at their new community.

We're Here for You!

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Personal Needs Assessment

One of our Senior Care Advisors will visit your house and talk with the seniors.

Expert advice

Our expert understands how to start a tough conversation with an elderly loved one.

When is the ideal time to consider senior living options?

Our experts will determine whether or not your elderly loved ones require the services of a senior living facility.

Examining the best senior living options

Our expert will compare and contrast the expenses of various senior living homes and care options. We'll suggest the best senior living community for you!

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Making plans for a peaceful transition

We take care of your safe transfer to the senior living community with the help of experienced caregiver resources.

Why Trust Silver Sitters’ Referrals in Martin County?

Silver Sitters is a community-based partnership between you and the community. When introducing a client to a community, we examine their care requirements, budget, and expected facilities. Our top objective is to set them up for success in their new home.

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Talk to Silver Sitters Martin county County’s Senior Care Advisors

Call us today to set up a meeting with one of our Senior Care Advisors in Martin County and get on the right track to finding the finest senior care place for your loved one!

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Count on Silver Sitters for the best referrals for the senior care community in Martin County.

Silver Sitters provides the best senior care community options and a qualified team of caregivers to assist your elderly in moving to senior living facilities with 1:1 care in Martin County. Our caregivers are familiar with these communities and can provide you with a tour of the facilities as well as an overview of the staff and schedule.